Informal resume

My university studies began at University of Naples, where I enrolled in Electronics engineering. Then I won a scholarship in the United States at the Massachusetts of Technology in Cambridge, MA. I graduated in Electrical Engineering with a major in Computer Science at MIT in 1988.

After graduating, I continued my education at MIT and earned the titles of Master of Science (M.S.) in Computer Science and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Software Engineering.

Except for a short time, I have worked on my own or for a company in IT and telecommunications.

In the last 18 years I have shared my experience as a lecturer and trainer in higher education classes and university masters, working with both universities and high profile training organizations. I have under my belt about 14,000 hours of presence in the classroom.

At the moment I am working on IoT (Internet of Things), designing and creating hardware and multiplatform software solutions.

In the last four years I have achieved certifications on Big Data and Machine Learning  at the University of California – Berkeley Internet of Things at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Data Science at the Harvard University, where I am pursuing a Master Degree, and Cybersecurity at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

I was issued a patent for an LED lighting system with extremely high energy savings.

Since 2000 I have lived and worked near Padua.

I am a member of several associations, including: MIT Alumni; MIT Professional, IEEE, Computer Society, ACM, The Harvard Big Data Group, The Harvard Data Science Initiative. I was appointed as honorary member of the School of Minoprio Alumni Association.

Consulting and software design