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Products and services

R&D activities lead to the creation of new products and services.

Currently my activities are focused on positioning and detection systems, geared towards the enjoyment of public and private areas, both in open spaces and in closed structures, creating new marketing opportunities too.

Everything comes from my personal vision of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Furthermore, in software development I made portals and integrated services which are evolving as spin-offs.


Welcome to my website.

I am an electrical engineer strongly dedicated to computer science and computer engineering with a keen inclination towards electronics.

I am pursuing a Master Degree in Data Science.

I live and work in Italy, in Padua area. Currently I’m engaged with web apps development, big data and Internet of Things. At present, my business is located in Italy, France and Switzerland, but I’m looking for further expansion.

I teach in Higher Education and post-graduate courses cooperating with relevant organizations and universities.