FlorNetwork is a professional association that develops, creates and markets advanced IT solutions in the horticulture field.

It’s the natural interface of all those organizations that can use what the other members and I make.

Among that there are the two spin-off myB2B and Flipp.

FlorNetwork is formed by members of AEA Minoprio (Association of School of Minoprio Alumni).

We have constant contacts and relations with the Association ACL Lullier (Les anciens de Châtelaine et Lullier) in Geneve, Switzerland and A.A.E.E. du Breuil (Association des Anciens Elèves et des Etudiants Ecole Du Breuil) in Paris, France, and of course, with the Minoprio Foundation.

FlorNetwork associates:
agr. Lorenzo Ceschina
agr. Franco Fumagalli

Consulting and software design