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This website uses only technical cookies and analytics services  with anonymous data, therefore there is no necessity to show a troublesome communication about the use of cookies. Furthermore, by not allowing logging to third parties, there is no acquisition of personal data.

Privacy and GDPR

This website does not collect any visitor personal data. Only Contact form requires some details, freely provided by the user to request information. Data will be used just to reply and will not be stored for other purposes. Some data are mandatory, but can be fictious, just to prevent offensive spam by automated tools.


My experience in professional and academic training, as well as my vocation to transmit knowledge and capability for dialogue has allowed me to deal with this task in a very gratifying way.

I taught higher level courses, ranging from higher education to university masters, seminars, and conferences. In training activities I have always worked with organizations and universities with an excellent reputation. I have always been committed to provide the highest level and quality of service, as I have always considered this task as extremely delicate and challenging.

Unlike teaching, training transmits personal experiences. Topics ranged from programming techniques to software and systems design, from marketing to security, from blockchain to cryptocurrencies, from privacy to training of trainers. Classes were held both in Italian and English languages.

To date I have collected about 14,000 hours on lectures, in addition to e-learning activities, many of which I produced. My results, in terms of success of these activities, have always been exeptional and I am very pleased to have contributed to the personal success of many people.