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Flipp is an advanced professional active marketing platform that allows an efficient, rapid and very accurate QR code management.

This platform generates codes with a small level of complexity, which dramatically reduce the possibility of reading failure by smartphones and tablets.

Flipp allows to redefine the contents without having to change the code making it very useful both when it’s used for traceability and marketing related purposes and when it’s used for positioning and geo-referencing.

The platform is multiuser and provides an accurate visitor’s analysis, allowing the creation of targeted marketing activities or knowledge of the consumer’s level.

Unlike less complex and free platforms, the subscriber remains the owner of information collected by the system.

Due to its peculiarities Flipp can be used as a discrete silent alarm, turning it into a valuable tool for forensic investigations and anti-counterfeiting. In addition our apps can be used to manage a QR code in different ways to get several uses from the same image.

Filpp an bring anything on the Web, becoming a non-invasive first approach to the Internet of Things (IoT).

The application fields are plenty and this tool is suitable as an ultra-low cost solution.


Over time, some services have evolved, to become, by virtue of their salient features, autonomous activities usually defined as spin-offs.

At this moment they are two:

  • myB2b, a platform that facilitates the matching between demand and supply of goods and services;
  • Flipp, a URL management service, that combines the production and use of dynamic QR codes. A powerful tool for positioning and marketing.

Products and services

R&D activities lead to the creation of new products and services.

Currently my activities are focused on positioning and detection systems, geared towards the enjoyment of public and private areas, both in open spaces and in closed structures, creating new marketing opportunities too.

Everything comes from my personal vision of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Furthermore, in software development I made portals and integrated services which are evolving as spin-offs.


My experience in professional and academic training, as well as my vocation to transmit knowledge and capability for dialogue has allowed me to deal with this task in a very gratifying way.

I taught higher level courses, ranging from higher education to university masters, seminars, and conferences. In training activities I have always worked with organizations and universities with an excellent reputation. I have always been committed to provide the highest level and quality of service, as I have always considered this task as extremely delicate and challenging.

Unlike teaching, training transmits personal experiences. Topics ranged from programming techniques to software and systems design, from marketing to security, from blockchain to cryptocurrencies, from privacy to training of trainers. Classes were held both in Italian and English languages.

To date I have collected about 14,000 hours on lectures, in addition to e-learning activities, many of which I produced. My results, in terms of success of these activities, have always been exeptional and I am very pleased to have contributed to the personal success of many people.