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Internet of Things (IoT)

My vision of the Internet of Things, there are not only sensors, wired or wireless devices, but in my opinion, it is possible to give life to things on the Web without the use of active devices.

By this vision I have derived two approaches:

  • classic IoT applications, albeit with a look at mature technologies which will inevitably be with us for some more years, and those more recently introduced, such as BLE and NFC. This approach allows the use of almost all mobile devices, not just the latest generation. In this context I design and make both software and hardware;
  • dynamic and intelligent QR Code based applications, which give new life to a tag at each new step, accompanying a service or a product during its life along all its steps, and at the same time returning different contents depending on the context or used app. From this project derived the spin-off Flipp and a  scientific paper with Kaunas Forestry and Environanmental Engineering University of Applied Sciences in Lithuania.

Products and services

R&D activities lead to the creation of new products and services.

Currently my activities are focused on positioning and detection systems, geared towards the enjoyment of public and private areas, both in open spaces and in closed structures, creating new marketing opportunities too.

Everything comes from my personal vision of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Furthermore, in software development I made portals and integrated services which are evolving as spin-offs.


New emerging systems allow to implement new classes of products.

The matching of dedicated hardware, mobile, cloud and desktop devices offers opportunities unpredictable just a few years ago.

The realization times are reduced due to systems based on standard costs and are now accessible to all budgets.

From the software perspective, applications can be created on desktop environments (Windows, Linux and MacOS)*, and on mobile devices (Android and iOS)*. Integrating everything with cloud and other web-based solutions.

As some projects come to life, they are detached and become spin-off, like myB2B and Flipp.

(*) all brands and products are tradmarks and copyright of respective owners.


Over the years I have gained expertise in many specializations, and I still continue my training following high-profile classes.
Until now I dealt mainly on applications, solutions and services to companies, professionals and institutions, both on desktop, mobile and web side.

I share my experience in classes, mainly to postgraduate students, where I teach programming techniques and subjects related to software, data science and web marketing.

At the moment my focus is on the emerging IoT (Internet of Things) and Industry 4.0 market that brings together my knowledge of hardware, software and marketing.

My vision is wide-ranging, involving a variety of technologies in order to achieve often unconventional but effective solutions, thanks to the use of methodologies such as TRIZ.

Informal resume

My university studies began at University of Naples, where I enrolled in Electronics engineering. Then I won a scholarship in the United States at the Massachusetts of Technology in Cambridge, MA. I graduated in Electrical Engineering with a major in Computer Science at MIT in 1988.

After graduating, I continued my education at MIT and earned the titles of Master of Science (M.S.) in Computer Science and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Software Engineering.

Except for a short time, I have worked on my own or for a company in IT and telecommunications.

In the last 18 years I have shared my experience as a lecturer and trainer in higher education classes and university masters, working with both universities and high profile training organizations. I have under my belt about 14,000 hours of presence in the classroom.

At the moment I am working on IoT (Internet of Things), designing and creating hardware and multiplatform software solutions.

In the last four years I have achieved certifications on Big Data and Machine Learning  at the University of California – Berkeley Internet of Things at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Data Science at the Harvard University, where I am pursuing a Master Degree, and Cybersecurity at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

I was issued a patent for an LED lighting system with extremely high energy savings.

Since 2000 I have lived and worked near Padua.

I am a member of several associations, including: MIT Alumni; MIT Professional, IEEE, Computer Society, ACM, The Harvard Big Data Group, The Harvard Data Science Initiative. I was appointed as honorary member of the School of Minoprio Alumni Association.